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Traveling to and staying in El Salvador


El Salvador is a beautiful country endowed with a bounty of natural phenomena. Located within a thirty minute drive of the airport, one can visit the awe-inspiring waterfalls of Tamanique, hike and view an active - but not too active - volcano, or visit dozens of picturesque beaches with world class waves.


And arriving to Casa Bonita is easy. We are located just thirty minutes from the San Salvador International Airports.  Our PLUS package includes door to door airport pick-up/drop-off by private shuttle so that you don't have to worry about exact directions once you are in town.  


El Salvador has seen its safety and crime markedly improve over the past two years. Increasing political and economic stability, along with a government that is dedicated to growth through tourism and commerce, have opened this beautiful country to the world. We hope that you will savor it!  


All guests are provided with a brochure that details the best restaurants, where to go on which nights, what beach to surf on certain swells and tides, and any other information that is important to create the most enjoyable experience possible for our guests.  The ocean is calm and the waves stay between 3-6 feet except for the occasional big swell during the southern Hemisphere storm season (May-August). The middle right picture is much more the norm than the two below, both from breaks further south during this past May's "Code Red" swell of the decade.  


In addition to surf, our tours visit volcanoes, Mayan ruins, cultural heritage sites, waterfalls, coffee farms, chocolate plantations, deep sea fishing, golf, scuba diving, and more!


If you have any further questions about security or local activities please contact us and we will respond promptly. Bienvenidos, and we hope to host you soon!

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